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Determine faults of engine for most of new vehicles are OBD-II compliant. Compatible with almost automobile manufacturers in the world (Imported from US since 1996, imported from Europe since 2000, made in Vietnam since 2004). Read / clear fault codes, reset ECU, turn off the Check Engine Light, and display the current engine parameters. Designed especially for automobile markets of Asian, Africa, EU, US... Convenient, correct and simple for users.

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- Determining correct the accuracy, malfunction position of components on the engine
- Read and erase fault codes has been stored in ECU
- Reset ECU back to the original parameters of the manufacturer (Reset ECU)
- Turn off Check Engine Light
- Look up location of faults in the engine, suggest repairing and overcoming
- Display current sensor data, including:
    1. Engine RPM
    2. Calculated Load Engine
    3. Coolant Temperature
    4. Fuel System Status
    5. Vehicle Speed
    6. Short Term Fuel Trim
    7. Long Term Fuel Trim
    8. Intake Manifold Pressure
    9. Timing Advance
    10. Intake Air Temperature
    11. Air Flow Rate
    12. Absolute Throttle Position
    13. Oxygen sensor voltages/associated short term fuel trims
    14. Fuel System status
    15. Fuel Pressure
    16. Many others...


- Use for most of new cars (02 seats to 16 seats) and light trucks use 12V battery manufactured for Japan, Europe, USA, Asia market.
- Use since 1996 for America, 2000 for the European, 2004 for Asia and Africa market to now
- Compatible with a variety of latest-generation models (the entire latest-generation vehicles until 2014, not limited to new models in the following years)
- See also List of the models which work well with OBD-II Scantool
- The scope of application of DTDScantool


- High-quality
- Newest USA Technology, not limited to new models in the following years
- Low price
- Many options for purposes
- Simple to use
- Biggest database in Vietnamese at the present
- Support up to 110.080 fault codes, suggest repairing for all car manufacturers
- High quality, stable and exact operation
- Show the big screen, display the information of faults and clear suggestion for repairmen (no abbreviation)
- Update data of computer software for free and simple
- Products are being developed and has good prestige on the market
- Good specialized technology training, transfer and guide.
- 12 month warranty
- Maintenance, materials replacement and technical support are all convenient
- Hold programs of improving and training on demand


- 01 OBD-II interface multi-mode
- 01 CD installation of DTD-Code software is license to 01 computer
- 01 OBD-II standard cable to connect Vehicle to OBD-II interface
- 01 COM standard cable to connect Vehicle to OBD-II interface
- 01 USB - COM converter to connect Computer and OBD-II interface (Used for notebook computer without COM port)
- 01 Guide book
- 01 cover


1. Question: What is OBD? What is a fault diagnostics tool OBD for vehicles? Is it reliable?
Answer:- OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) is an automatic electronic diagnostic system put inside the motherboard of ECU and designed separately for each kind of car manufacturers. This system is nowadays equipped in almost vehicles in the world.
- Since the 1980s, vehicle manufacturers have begun to use electronic circuits to monitor and diagnose faults of the vehicle engine. Because of its superiorities after many years of using, OBD has become a mandatory standard for modern cars.
- In 1996, a new common international standard OBD in the vehicle world - the 2nd generation of OBD (OBD-II) - was born. According to the standard, OBD-II system can provide most of information such as engine, chassis, body, safety system and accessories as well as the control information network in vehicles. Diagnostic information will be stored in memory inside the ECU in code frame of 5 characters. Diagnosis level and detail information depend primarily on the level of the sensor system and ECU on each models.
- Nowadays, OBD-II Scan tool has connected to OBD-II systems in vehicles to process data, display current parameters and give repair suggestions accurately.  

2. Question: What are the essence and working principles of OBD-II Scantool?
- OBD-II Scantool is not a tool to diagnose faults directly from the sensor as it was before, the function essence of the tool is reading the memory storing fault codes of ECU, decoding and displaying parameters.
- You should know that, nowadays in the ECU system supported with OBD, fault diagnosis has been done in each vehicle by its own ECU. This is the private technology of vehicle manufacturers. Therefore, this tool is called fault reading tool or fault reader.  

3. Question: How many faults can OBD-II Scantool diagnose? Where?
- At present, OBD-II system is equipped primarily for engine control systems (in the USA market, it is equipped for some other systems, too). OBD-II Scantool can diagnose almost common faults that ECU manages and controls, including: ECU, the sensor system, electric circuit, actuators, pneumatic and hydraulic power in modern vehicles equipped with the monitor sensor, engine accessories, control information network and other equipment related to the engine.
- However, nowadays most of vehicles in the markets of Europe, Asia, and Africa... support OBD-II only for the engine; the other systems are still compliant with the private standard, so now OBD-II Scantool can read only engine faults.
The amount of faults will be updated according to the development of the OBD-II system in each model and the year of manufacture so with the same diagnostic tool, each model or each generation has a different amount of faults and different diagnostic ability. The more luxury new generation vehicles are, the more faults their systems can diagnose.  

4. Question: How do I know whether my car is compatible with this tool?
- Nowadays OBD-II Scantool is one of the first-level tools used to diagnose engine faults, it can diagnose almost cars (02 - 16 seats), light trucks using 12V battery, gasoline and diesel fuel manufactured in Japan, Europe, USA and the modern vehicles in ASIAN countries in recent years
- If you want to make sure, then there is a certification of OBD-II compliance on the “metal label" as the below image:

- 16-pin trapezium connector is J1962 standard of OBD-II and looks like the below image:

(Notes: There is a 16-pin connector in an OBD-II vehicle but not all vehicles using 16-pin connector are OBD-II compliant. For example, INNOVA, COROLLA ALTIS 1.8, DAEWOO NUBIRA are not OBD-II compliant. Mercedes Sprinter uses 14-pin round connectors but it is OBD-II compliant. We will support auxiliary-connector or wiring diagram of pin connection. .
- Check in the list of OBD-II vehicles to know your vehicle is compatible or not with OBD-II Scantool
Notes: If your vehicle is not in the list, that doesn’t mean it can't work with OBD-II Scantool, may be because your vehicle hasn’t been updated to the list yet, almost new-generation vehicles (after 2008) are OBD-II compliant.

5. Question: Where is a diagnostic connector in vehicles
Answer: A diagnostic connector is located around the area below the steering wheel

6. Question: How to diagnose with OBD-II Scantool?
- You (mechanicals) have to check the operation state of vehicles, determine location of faults with experience, and keep eyes on warning lights in the main dashboard.
- Identify manufacturers, models, manufacture-year
Step 2:
- Connect OBD-II Scantool to vehicles
(Notes: Do not pull battery-cables out before diagnosing faults)
- Read faults stored in the ECU. You can print, save files or simply record faults into a paper
- Use OBD-II Scantool to clear all fault codes stored in ECU
Step 3:
- Start the engine (if it doesn’t run, then negative-start about 15 seconds) and drive 200 to 300 meters to heat the engine. Try actions: braking suddenly; increasing speed, shifting transmission… to create many running states and loading states in order that ECU can get fault codes back. You could let the Check light on again.
Step 4:
- Stop the vehicle, turn off the ignition key, return on the key and read fault codes in ECU. These current faults need repairing. If current faults don’t show again, perhaps because faults of the previous repair weren’t cleared (history fault code) or you carelessly unplug some connector out and after that replug it. (After a while of driving, if the Check engine light is ON again just let the vehicle be like that and read faults)
Step 5:
- Repair or replace damaged parts, after that use OBD-II Scantool to clear one more times and reset ECU to the original state.
- Start the engine and observe the result of repair by OBD-II Scantool  

7. Question: I want to connect OBD-II Scantool to an automotive EFI trainer. Is it possible? What are necessary accessories?
Answer: Yes, it is possible. Just OBD-II Scantool is OK, no more! 

8. Question: If I buy OBD-II Scantool, will I be supported or supplied with warranty?
Answer: According to regulation, Technical warranty of OBD-II Scantool is 24 months and we will support you whenever you want. Moreover, you can update software for free. 

9. Question: The Check light is on but I can’t clear faults and turn off. Why?
Answer: Check light is on, which means it’s sure that there are fault codes stored in ECU memory, it can be almost understand that your vehicle has faults.
However, there are some below cases:
Case 1: Someone removed battery cables or sensor connectors and after that, he plugged them back and there is no equipment to turn off Check light and clear fault codes stored in ECU. Therefore, in this case, we call it “history faults code” or “virtual faults”. Thus, you can clear fault codes stored in the ECU and turn off the Check light without any problem.
Case 2: Your vehicle actually has faults (temporarily call current faults). After clearing fault codes stored in the ECU, your vehicle system will immediately recover and store fault codes in ECU as it was. The result is the same as you cannot turn off Check Engine Light. It means that it’s impossible to clear faults. In this case, you must replace damaged parts or repair broken circuits, after that you can clear the Check light fault with OBD-II Scantool.
Case 3: some vehicles, you need to clear the Check Engine Light in condition that the engine doesn’t work. Therefore, so you need to turn off the engine, just turn ON the ignition key and then clear faults.
Case 4: In some cases that there are error programming in ECU, so it is impossible to clear “virtual faults”. You should unplug more some other connectors and replug them all. Now, you can use OBD-II Scantool to clear.  

10. Question: After clearing faults, I drive my car for a while and then the Check light is on again. Why?
Answer: First, you should know that all diagnostic tools clear faults in ECU only. Perhaps parts of your vehicle are broken (Ex: broken circuits, short sensor, circuit-fire...), you must repair, replace and after that clear fault codes stored in the ECU and the Check light will be off. If the Check light is on when driving after clearing faults, it’s sure that is because of current faults and your vehicle need repairing. By our experience, maybe there are faults of O2 exhaust sensor, engine-temperature sensor... or Cam-position sensor with weak signals. You need to determine exactly these faults error with your equipment. If OBD-II Scantool cars diagnose faults of O2 exhaust sensor although your vehicle is still new, you can simply unplug the sensor after that clean and replug it. At last, clear faults.  

11. Question: My vehicle actually has problems, but OBD-II Scantool can’t read faults out. Why?
- As we have said, the general principle is that OBD-II gets out all fault codes stored in ECU. If there is anything, it will read it all. Otherwise, it can’t read anything. That means all depends on ECU and the modern level of the diagnostic system in your vehicle. Therefore, if your vehicle is not equipped with many sensor systems, ECU doesn’t control parts, so it’s impossible to determine faults although your vehicle actually has faults. Any scanner has this general principle. According to our experience, the more modern vehicles are, the more efficient fault diagnosis is. Ofcouse for old-generation vehicles, it will be less efficient. Faults mainly relate to electricity, especially input-signals of ECU. For other mechanical faults such as: warped surface, broken glass or lamps, scratched paint..., there is no suitable tool now.
- There are also some other probable causes: ECU lost the main power supply, there are software faults in CHIP, or circuits burned on the part of the data connection. In these cases, it is impossible to connect OBD-II Scantool to your vehicle.
- In brief, faults that are diagnosed make up only about 60% of all faults. Therefore, Scantool is just a support tool, a high-skilled mechanical is still the most important.  

12. Question: I have already determined faults, but information is not detailed so I don’t know how to repair it. Can you show me how?
Answer: Maybe you are using an old version. Update a newer one! From version 4.1, information is very detailed. However, if you do not have much experience, you can telephone us to ask for an advice or support information. 

13. Question: How to know they are current faults? What is experience in determining faults with a diagnostic tool?
Answer: At best, take your vehicle to the workshop and require mechanicals to repair it for you. You should follow these steps:
- Read faults while the engine is hot and has faults (the Check engine light is on) and print or record on paper.
- Turn off the ignition key, clear fault codes stored in ECU one or several times (in order to clear “history faults” or “virtual faults”)
- Restart the engine and drive for a while in speed-modes as much as possible.
- Read faults again, if faults appear, they are current faults that need repairing or replacing. Compare these faults with previous faults for reference and exclusion.  

14. Question: When I read faults in other vehicles, I can find out faults of injector and high-voltage ignition. However, I can’t do it in my vehicle. Why?
Answer: This completely depends on the software programmed into ECU as well as sensor system equipped in your vehicle. In another case: you try to unplug a connector but the engine is off so it cannot identify. You should unplug that connector when the engine is ON, it must be OK. There is one more case: in some vehicles, ECU is programmed that if the signal is outside a specified range in the time longer than 15 seconds, it will determine faults and turn on the Check Engine Light.  

15. Question: Are there tools able to read ABS, AT, SRS, Body, IC...?
Answer: At present, OBD-II Scantool is a specialized tool used to read faults in the engine electrical system and mechanics, which relate to the engine. Determine faults of other systems such as ABS, AT, SRS, Body, IC. You should buy other specialized tools to read these accessories introduced on our Website
16. Question: My vehicle is still working normally, I do not feel that it has faults, so why is the Check Engine Light on?
Answer: Maybe you unplug a connector and after that replug it (example for clean your vehicle or something else) when the ignition key is ON or you are replacing oil for it. Another cause is weak unstable signals of sub-sensors (sub-sensors are not important). You had better check with OBD-II Scantool to get exact information. 

17. Question: Why cannot I use OBD-II Scantool for vehicles using 16-pin connector produced in 2005?
Answer: You should understand that OBD-II compliant vehicles have 16-pin trapezium connector (J1962) but not all vehicles using 16-pin connector are 0BD-II compliant. For example: Daewoo Nubira, Toyota Innova, Prado, Altis 1.8, Camry 2.4G, Mitsubishi Jolie, Lancer, V6... manufactured in ASIAN are not OBD-II compliant. Therefore, perhaps your vehicles are OBD-I or M-OBD compliant (Click here to get FAQ of OBD-I Toyota tools). In this case, you have to OBD-I tools from us. 

18. Question: My friend, after repairing his vehicle, he just unplugged the battery cable to turn off the Check Engine Light. That’s all, everything is OK. However, I can’t start the engine of mine anymore. Why?
Answer: Because your friend’s vehicle is OBD-I compliant and uses an old model of ECU memory (EEPROM). Therefore, he just unplugs the battery cable to turn off the Check Engine Light. However, your vehicle is OBD-II (2nd generation) compliant and use ECU memory of Flash Technology so you can’t do that by unplugging yours. Moreover, other functions in OBD-II compliant vehicles such as Radio, ECU, Immobilizer, and Security, can be reset so your engine can’t run. Another cause: ECU is programmed that if there is any fault code, your engine won’t run. In this case, you have to reset the system with OBD-II Scantool. Everything will be OK.
19. Question: So when I need to replace the battery, what should I do? If the battery is weak, is the Check Engine Light on? Is there any suitable tools?
Answer: When you need to replace the battery for modern vehicles, you should replace it when the engine is running. If the battery is weak, the Check Engine Light (There are some vehicles having the Check Battery Light) will be ON and we have tools to read this fault.
20. Question: No sooner has the engine gotten hot than the Check Engine Light is ON. Why?
Answer: You have to use OBD-II Scantool to determine accurately. And as we said (in question …) that is commonly due to O2 exhaust sensor or engine temperature...  

21. Question: I just change oil, then the Check Engine Light is ON. What is the cause? Can your tools make the Check Engine Light OFF?
Answer: When you replace oil, that is like the faults of no oil, so the oil sensor will inform ECU and fault codes will be formed and stored in ECU memory, so the Check Engine Light will be ON. In this case, you just use our tools to clear fault codes stored in the ECU and reset the system, the Check Engine Light will be OFF. 

22. Question: When I read fault codes for my friend’s vehicle, all current parameters are displayed. However, why is only N/A displayed for my vehicle?
Answer: Because your vehicle is not equipped with that kind of sensor so that information is not available, only N/A (Non Available) is displayed.  

23. Question: When I unplug a sensor connector in a Toyota vehicle and right after that I replug it, and it is also displayed in the scanner. However, for some vehicles such as Hyundai, there isn’t anything. Why?
Answer: As you said, it is just the design of each manufacturer or the programming of different kinds of ECU. For some vehicles of GM, Hyundai..., when you unplug the sensor connector, (then you replug it) after 15s ECU determines faults but before 15s it doesn’t. This also is a convenient improvement for drivers and mechanicals to limit “virtual faults” at most. However, it has its own imperfection.
24. Question: When I unplug some important connectors such as ignition bobin or injector and then read faults, but OBD-II Scantool cannot read?
Answer: Because the sensors and the actuator can work only when the engine is running. To clarify this problem, simply unplug connectors while the engine is running or negative-start to make the engine turn round in a few seconds. Now OBD-II Scantool can read faults. 

25. Question: If the old-generation vehicles are not supported with OBD-II standard, then what kind of tool should I use? Where can I buy them?
Answer: You should buy OBD-I tools produced on this website. 

26. Question: I want to watch tools working
Answer: You can also see video clip DEMO on our website

27. Question: I do not know how to install a USB cable to use for laptops. Can you help me?
Answer: You can click here to watch the video clip of detailed instructions 

28. Question: When my computer is broken-down or attacked by virus, I must format hardware and then reinstall Windows. So how should I do with OBD-II Scantool?
Answer: Very simple! You only need a CDROM attached to your tool and use it to reinstall the program. Remember to reinstall USB converter and choose suitable ports after installing. 

29. Question: What are breakdowns which often happen to DTDAuto tools? How to repair?
Answer: When you say “breakdowns”, that is not completely right. All depends on how you use tools. The most common case is after a while of using, tools are attacked by computer virus. Therefore, you must reinstall Window and then install software DTD-Code in your computer but don’t change the default connection-port in software to make it suitable for a current port in your computer. To solve this problem, just choose a connection-port and install following to the guidebook. 

30. Question: At present, I have no tool. I want to buy tools for workshops (with many kinds of vehicles) so what should I buy?
Answer: There are many choices for you. Click here to view all product >> 

31. Question: I need to buy some tools to teach and to catenae to engine models or private vehicles, so how should I do?
Answer: You need to know exactly what kind of your engine or your vehicle is, then you should buy one of products
32. Question: I need to buy some tools for workshops. If I have had hand-held such as MultiScan, Autoboss X431 or Carman VG, then what do I need to buy to improve my work?
Answer: You need OBD-II Scantool (or software DTD-Code) to support vehicles manufactured after 2004 and compliant with new CAN and J1939. Moreover, you should buy software MIL Code to read faults for OBD-I compliant vehicles or other software used to lookup circuit diagrams. That will improve your work well. 

33. Question: When I want to get more information or send questions, where should I send them?
Answer: Click here!

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ECU Simulator isyarat ECU ECU 신호 시뮬레이터 Simulador de señal ECU Simulador de sinal ECU Simulatore di segnale ECU Имитатор сигналов ЭБУ ECU-Signalsimulator ECT温度センサー ECT temperature sensor เซ็นเซอร์ ECT Capteur de température ECT Sensor suhu ECT ECT 온도 센서 Sensor de temperatura ECT Sensor de temperatura ECT Sensore di temperatura ECT Датчик температуры ЕСТ ECT-Temperatursensor ECT温度センサー pgm-fi system ระบบ pgm-fi système pgm-fi sistem pgm-fi pgm-fi 시스템 sistema pgm-fi sistema pgm-fi sistema pgm-fi система pgm-fi pgm-fi-System pgm-fiシステム ckp sensor เซ็นเซอร์ CKP capteur ckp sensor ckp ckp 센서 sensor ckp sensor ckp sensore ckp датчик ckp ckp-sensor ckpセンサー how to reset fault codes วิธีรีเซ็ตรหัสความผิดปกติ comment réinitialiser les codes d'erreur cara menetapkan semula kod kesalahan 오류 코드를 재설정하는 방법 cómo restablecer los códigos de falla como redefinir códigos de falha come ripristinare i codici di errore как сбросить коды неисправностей So setzen Sie Fehlercodes zurück 故障コードをリセットする方法 smart key repair ซ่อมสมาร์ทคีย์ réparation clé intelligente pembaikan kunci pintar 스마트 키 수리 reparación de llave inteligente reparo de chave inteligente riparazione di chiavi intelligenti ремонт смарт-ключей Smart Key Reparatur スマートキーの修理 smart key fault ความผิดพลาดของสมาร์ทคีย์ défaut de clé intelligente kesalahan kunci pintar 스마트 키 오류 falla de llave inteligente falha de chave inteligente errore chiave intelligente неисправность смарт-ключа Smartkey-Fehler スマートキーの故障 lost the motorcycle key ทำกุญแจมอไซค์หาย perdu toutes les clés moto kehilangan kunci motosikal 오토바이 열쇠를 분실했다 perdió la llave de la motocicleta perdeu a chave da motocicleta perso la chiave della moto потерял ключ от мотоцикла Motorradschlüssel verloren バイクの鍵をなくした Smart key repair method วิธีการซ่อมสมาร์ทคีย์ Méthode de réparation de clé intelligente Kaedah pembaikan kunci pintar 스마트 키 수리 방법 Método de reparación de llave inteligente Método de reparo de chave inteligente Metodo di riparazione delle chiavi intelligenti Метод ремонта смарт-ключа Smart-Key-Reparaturmethode スマートキーの修復方法 repair motorcycle ซ่อมมอเตอร์ไซค์ réparer une moto membaiki motosikal 오토바이 수리 reparar motocicleta consertar motocicleta riparare la moto ремонт мотоцикла Motorrad reparieren バイクの修理 Motorcycle ECU Repair ซ่อม ECU รถจักรยานยนต์ Réparation d'ECU de moto Pembaikan ECU Motosikal 오토바이 ECU 수리 Reparación de la ECU de la motocicleta Conserto de ECU de motocicleta Riparazione ECU del motociclo Ремонт ЭБУ мотоцикла Motorrad ECU Reparatur オートバイのECU修理 read motorcycle code อ่านรหัสมอเตอร์ไซค์ lire le code de la moto ler o código da motocicleta leggi il codice della moto прочитать код мотоцикла Motorradcode lesen オートバイのコードを読む motorcycle repair tool เครื่องมือซ่อมมอเตอร์ไซค์ outil de réparation de moto alat pembaikan motosikal 오토바이 수리 도구 herramienta de reparación de motocicletas ferramenta de conserto de motocicleta strumento di riparazione moto инструмент для ремонта мотоциклов Motorradreparaturwerkzeug オートバイ修理ツール remap ECU remap ECU Tuning ECU Tuning ECU motorcycle repair trainning อบรมซ่อมมอเตอร์ไซค์ formation réparation moto latihan membaiki motosikal 오토바이 수리 훈련 formación en reparación de motocicletas treinamento de conserto de motocicleta corso di riparazione moto обучение ремонту мотоциклов Motorradreparaturtraining オートバイの修理のトレーニング Motorcycle repair manual คู่มือการซ่อมรถจักรยานยนต์ Manuel de réparation de moto Manual pembaikan motosikal 오토바이 수리 매뉴얼 Manual de reparación de motocicletas Manual de conserto de motocicleta Manuale di riparazione della moto Руководство по ремонту мотоциклов Reparaturanleitung für Motorräder オートバイ修理マニュアル PGM-FI repair manual เอกสารมอเตอร์ไซค์ Manuel de réparation PGM-FI Manual pembaikan PGM-FI PGM-FI 수리 매뉴얼 Manual de reparación de PGM-FI Manual de reparo PGM-FI Manuale di riparazione PGM-FI Руководство по ремонту PGM-FI PGM-FI-Reparaturhandbuch PGM-FI修理マニュアル motorcycle wiring diagram รถจักรยานยนต์แผนภาพการเดินสายไฟ schéma de câblage moto gambar rajah pendawaian motosikal 오토바이 배선도 diagrama de cableado de la motocicleta diagrama de fiação da motocicleta schema elettrico moto схема подключения мотоцикла Schaltplan des Motorrads オートバイの配線図