DTDAuto is a laboratory where we have researched, designed and manufactured high-tech equipment used for workshops and vocational schools with updated modern technique.

Activities in Science, Technology and Manufacturing of DTDAuto include:

- Research & develop technique of measurement, diagnosis and automatic control with computer: Research; Design; Manufacturing; Technology Transfer & Equipment Supply...

- Consultation & training and development of modern training equipment

- Cooperate with Research institutes, schools, companies and individuals in the world.

- Research and manufacture electronic and automatic equipment in the fields of automotive equipment; industry chemistry equipment; equipment for measurement, inspection and diagnosis; equipment for health, environment; training equipment...

DTDAuto members are researchers, university lecturers and students from  Military Technology Academy, Hanoi University of Technology, Aptech Training Center and Hanoi Robotcon candidates.

 Products manufactured by DTDAuto always have high standards of science, technique and job-training at commercialization level and used in many vocational schools, training center and workshops in the world.

On behalf of all members of DTDAuto, I would like to thank for the cooperation and support of Research Institutes, universities, commercial companies, vocational schools, workshops and colleagues all over the world to support the development of DTDAuto.

DTDAuto Vietnam