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Toolkit used to find the ECMID code inside ECM that no need to punch hard glue of ECM. You can keep the user's safe, original ECM.
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- Allows search ECMID directly from the engine control unit (ECM)
- Allows reading of ECMIDs stored in the ECMID FINDER set (saved from successful reads)
- Supports most ECMs of HONDA vehicle models in this version 1.0 (will update for other automakers like YAMAHA, SUZUKI in the future)
This is a list of supported HONDA models and ECM codes compatible with this tool(other ECMs will be updated continuously and in the future)

1 HONDA K12K-V11 V01 LEAD 2018-2020
2 K12H-931 V01 LEAD 2018-2020
3 K78A-V11 V01 SH 150 2017-2029
4 K77A-V11 V01 SH 125 2017-2019
5 K0SA-V12 V 01 SH 2020
6   SH 2021
7 K66G-VG1 V01 AB 2018-2020
8 CLICK 2017-2020
9 K59A-A11 IN 01 VARIO 2018-2020
10 K44F-V01 VN 01 VISION 2018-2020
11   VISION 2021
12   PXC 2016-2017
13   PCX 2018-2020
14   PCX 2021
15 K97A-V22 V01 PCX HYBRID 2019-2020
16   SH MODE 2016-2019
17   SH MODE 2020-2021
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Smartkey tool เครื่องมือสมาร์ทคีย์ Outil clé intelligente alat kunci pintar 스마트키 도구 Herramienta Smartkey

ECMID FINDER interface on computer - Lookup connection diagram

ECMID FINDER interface on computer - Find ECMID from ECM

ECMID FINDER interface on computer - Find ECMID from ECM

ECMID FINDER interface on computer - Find ECMID from ECM

ECMID FINDER interface on computer - Read ECMID from ECMID FINDER toolkit

Clip for ECMID FINDER toolkit
Package List
The main set of electronics (connected to ECM and other peripherals)
LINK cable (to connect the kit to a computer)
Universal cable connect to the ECMs
Power Adapter 220V AC - 12V DC
ECMID FINDER application software installed on computer operating system WINDOWS (click here to download App directly from the internet)(Computer is not included)
Quick guide

Click the below download button to download and install ECMID FINDER software on computer (Windows operating system)


Product introduction
Quick user guide

As we all know, the solution to repair the Smart key system when there is no ECMID code there are many ways and depends on the specific situation of each customer, as well as their personality, awareness, qualifications, and finances. If your customer is a careful person, good financial conditions then you can also advise them to buy a new ECM immediately because it is not worth much money to them. they need to safe is first.
If the customer is still poor and does not replace the new ECM, finding the ECMID identification code of the ECM engine control block has many different ways:

- You can get that ECMID information from the original KEYID code on the vehicle owner's plastic card
- You can contact the manufacturer to be provided with a valid original ID number (it will be the same ECMID)
- You can also read the ECMID from the SCU that is synchronizing with this ECM
- You can also accept the risk of damage to the ECM to open ECM's hard glue to read the ECMID

Yes, you can also keep the user's safe, original ECM, no need to punch hard glue, and still will found the ECMID code on the ECM side with the "ECMID FINDER" toolkit of DTDAuto Vietnam that we recommend introduced to you here:

Realy, are there many cases to read or find ECMID from ECM?
Not much, this is not a frequent need that requires a lot like adding keys, or losing all keys. The reading ECMID from SCU is much more convenient and simple, so most of them use this way of reading. Users always want to choose the most convenient way for themselves and for the situation and conditions they have in the simplest and safest way.
Each way to find ECMID has advantages and disadvantages, depending on the specific situation that the user agrees with the customer to choose, sometimes customers have conditions, they need safety and want to buy a new ECM immediately. Thus increasing more economic income, safer, better, do not warranty, better for both technicians and customers, stimulating commodity consumption for economic development.

DTDAuto introduces a tool with the name: "ECMID FINDER" - A solution to find ECMID directly from ECM without punching hard glue to ensure the safety of ECM devices and customers use vehicles on the road

The kit includes a separate set of electronics and cables designed to work with two independent electrical power supplies. It can work independently, separately, continuously 24/24 hours and days and is compatible with computer (Windows operating system) to install information, read information and display the results. This tool can simultaneously find ECMID from 01 to 03 different ECMs sets at the same time and completely automatically store, handle the unfortunate situation of unexpected power loss, the intelligent algorithm to found ECMID after a Period. When there are results, it will automatically notify with sound and LED light for you to connect peripheral computer to read the results of ECMIDs found in the memory of this tool and display on the application of the product on the computer


- The function is compatible with most of the SMART KEY motorcycle ECMs in the world (currently supporting the HONDA brand, other brand names waiting for updates)
- New solution that is safe, handy, no need to punch hard glue connect inside, connect directly on ECM connector, keep original and safe for ECM
- Simple to use with a few operations and has a friendly Vietnamese interface
- Compact, durable integrated device, designed to work for many days continuously
- Efficient, accurate, reliable
- The time to find the ECMID from the ECM depends on the user's entered information and the execution probability of each ECM. Finding the ECMID is certain, but the time can be from 15 minutes to 01 year or more depending on the random probability of each type of ECMID code in the ECM. So, with this toolkit, you can't and shouldn't wait for immediate results, but you should go to another job, or temporarily replace another ECM for temporary use and forget about it some time and let the tool run 24/24 hours continuously day and night to find ECMID until there is a notification of finding by sound "beep" and flashing lights.
- If it is not a problem to lose power while searching, you can electrical power it back so that the search continues according to the strategy you are doing without starting from the beginning and without restarting.
- The toolkit will accumulate data, and optimize the search strategy to update new versions periodically for faster search each update.
- Update new version automatically via the Internet when adding a new type of ECM, new vehicle
- Technical advice and support for repair directly from the manufacturer
- 12 months warranty, maintenance on request
- Please read carefully and watch the video clip before use