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• Additional repair manuals for HONDA & YAMAHA
        HONDA: SUPER CUP C125 FI, CBR300, CRF 1000L
        YAMAHA: GRANDE 2019, MTN 850-A
• Additional looking ECM pin for HONDA, YAMAHA
        HONDA: FUTURE 2018-2019, PCX 2019 HYBRID, SH MODE 2019...
        YAMAHA: EXCITER 150i 2019, ACRUZO, FZ 150i, GRAND, JANUS, NOZZA...
• Additional Engine & ABS System fault codes for YAMAHA
• Support repair procedure for HONDA Smart Key System
• Additional acronyms of ECM, SCU, ACU connector pins for HONDA and YAMAHA

Product code: MT0002
● Origin: DTDAUTO
● Availability: In stock
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(Support for Windows, Android, iOS operating system)

- Lookup electrical wiring diagrams of systems
- Lookup IC solder pin diagram for odometer correction by MOTOBOX
- Lookup smart key diagram to read Key ID for HONDA, YAMAHA motorcycles
- Lookup power pin diagram and signal pin of ECMs for PIAGGIO programming key
- Lookup ECM connector pin outs
- Lookup immobilizer diagram for PIAGGIO/ VESPA motorcycles
- Lookup repair procedure for HONDA smart key system
- Lookup oil indicator reset procedure
- Lookup the compression ratio of the engine combustion chamber
- Lookup cylinder pressure of engine
- Lookup current leakage and charging current
- Lookup ignition timing advance
- Look up wiring color code
- Lookup acronym of electrical system
- Lookup fault codes and troubleshooting for engine system, ABS system and immobilizer system
- Lookup fault location on motorcycle and electrical system diagram
- Lookup fault location by fault code on electrical diagram
- Lookup ABS & Smart key system diagram for HONDA, YAMAHA, PIAGGIO (designed by DTDAuto)
- Lookup mechanical and electrical specifications
- Lookup location of components and signal pins: sensor, ECU, actuator vv...
- Lookup measurement procedure and checking, determine preliminary damage
- Guide mechanical removal/installation
- Maintenance process, online question and answer
- Support guide book and updating/upgrading process of MOTOSCAN
- Online support technical by technicians of DTDAuto
- Free and automatically updated the newest version
- Software with licensed to a computer use Window operation system
- Manage vehicle information in workshop (Licens, brand, model, owner ...)
- Manage repair services, repair invoices and log of repaired vehicles
- Manage spare parts in stock, update data when purchase spare parts
- Manage finance, expenditure by date, month, year and report income
- Manage personnel, number of worker in the workshop, the amount of actual working days, day off...
- Remind periodic maintenance, oil changing
- Support English and Vietnamese languages


- Computer, tablet installed Adobe Reader 9.0 software. If you have not it click here to download and install before download and install MOTODATA software
- Screen resolution: 1024 x 768 or more
a. Install Free version of MOTODATA
Click the below download button to download and install  free version of MOTODATA
b. Install Pro version of MOTODATA
STEP 1: Open your computer and click here to download a Order-Form application for registration:


Notes: click download file, install to your computer (which computer will be used for installing MOTODATA software), open it and fill all request form inside to finish)

STEP 2: Send image of registration form to us:

STEP 3: Wait for sending back Setup files for your computer

STEP 4: Install it for use (Licensed to your computer is 1 year)

(If you cannot do, you can download and install Teamviewer software at www.teamviewer.com then send "Your Id" and "Password" for us or contact me by Skype name: "dtd_tech_1" to support)


- MOTODATA software is an online data collection when your computer, smartphone connected to internet.
- MOTODATA is a useful product for repairers, motorcycle repair workshops and vocational training school.  It used to synchronize with MOTOSCAN when repairs and training.
- Used to lookup repair data for motorcycles and scooters that include the old-generation motorcycles using carburetor and the new generation motorcycles using PGM-FI system of PIAGGIO, HONDA, YAMAHA, SUZUKI, SYM, KYMCO brands. 

+ : functions in MOTODATA full version
: functions in MOTODATA free version for Windows operating system


- Support English, Vietnamese languages
- Automatically updated the newest version via internet
- High quality document images even when zoomed in or out image
- Simply, easy to use 

MOTODATA interface - Main interface  
MOTODATA interface - Lookup system diagram  
MOTODATA interface - Lookup assembled circuit diagram
MOTODATA interface - Lookup fault code 
MOTODATA interface - Lookup fault location on motorcycle 
MOTODATA interface - Lookup power pin diagram and signal pin of ECMs for PIAGGIO programming key  
MOTODATA interface - Lookup ECM pin connector pinouts 
Lookup oil indicator reset procedure 
MOTODATA interface - Look up wiring color code
MOTODATA interface - Lookup acronym of electrical system
MOTODATA interface - Lookup ignition timing advance
MOTODATA interface - Lookup user guide and upgrading for MOTOSCAN


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