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Model DTD - STEL12

Product code: ET2037
● Origin: DTDAUTO
● Availability: In stock
● Rate:Đánh giá

(Only support for Windows operating system)


- This is a product of DTDAuto Technology Team, Institute of Physics, Hanoi, Vietnam
- This equipment is designed specially as teaching aids and learning tools for universities and technical training where trainees are taught both theory and practice of electronic steering power systems (ESP) compliant HYUNDAI/ TOYOTA vehicles.


- Used for technical research, training, and developing ESP technology
- Exploratory, research principles, structure and operations of ESP electronic steering power ESP ESP system
- Survey and inspection of mechanical, electrical, electronic of ESP
- Survey and inspection, measurement electric signal of systems such as: resistance, voltage, current, frequency, etc. ... by traditional methods and special testing machine through OBD-II
- Faults testing, diagnosing and solve it by traditional tool or smart diagnosis standard protocol (Intelligent tester)


- Equipment is assembled in a frame with mobile wheels, includes all components constitute ESP system and all can work such as: Steering power control ECU, steering, ignition switch, fuel tank, booster pump, power steering, oil pressure gauges etc...
- Equipment used principles, structures, practices, training and diagnostic skills, find pan, faults handling, manipulation skills in overcoming damaged by traditional methods and by computer or devices diagnosis.
- Use the electric motor creates control motivation booster pump to operate the steering and knob emulator adjustable vehicle speed signal to simulate the operation of the electronics steering power system
- Electrical wiring diagram is printed clearly, detail on Panel to help students understand and analyze the operating principle of the system easier.
- Software system and equipment coupled with computer training support, read/clear engine faults, reset ECU, create PAN automatically

Equipment image


1) Control panel
2) ECU control steering power
3) Ignition switch
4) Power oil tank
5) Steering power booster pump
6) Steering systems, steering columns and steered wheel
7) Electromagnetic valve
8) Wheel System
9) Knob simulate speed signal
10) Oil pressure gauge
11) Copyright CD Software and equipment paired with License key
12) Bearing frame
13) Extinguisher
14) Guide book
15) Battery 12V / 35A
16) Electric motor
17) Electricity used: 220VAC/50Hz and 12VDC/35A
18) Total weight: about 300 kg
19) Size: (1700H x 1800W x 1200D) mm
20) Working equipments in office


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