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Model DTD-SUZ10

Product code: ET2035
● Origin: DTDAUTO
● Availability: In stock
● Rate:Đánh giá

(Only support for Windows operating system)


- COMMOMRAIL DIESEL System is an OBD-II standard product, researched and manufactured by DTDAuto Technology Team, Institute of Physics, Hanoi, Vietnam.
- Equipment is designed specially for vocational schools where trainees are taught both theory and practice of Diesel electronic fuel supply system of newest generation ISUZU vehicles. Produced from: 2007 - 2010


- This equipment is designed specially as teaching aids and learning tools for universities and technical training schools
- Research principles, structures and operations of multi-point electronic Diesel supply system, CRDI generation, OBD-II standard.
- Research principles, structures and operations of electronic diagnostic system OBD-II and other included utilities
- Survey, test mechanical, electrical, electronic, components which form the system
- Survey and measure exhausted gas by OBD system
- Survey, test the injection time
- Survey, test injection system pressure
- Measure, survey live data
- Test, diagnosis, repair by traditional tool and repair by computer.

Equipment image


- Equipment used 4-stroke diesel engine new generation of ISUZU manufacturers, mounting frame with mobile wheels, full accessories, exhaust pipe, water tank, discharger, fuel system, intake system, starting system, tableau system... workable.
- Equipment used to learn theories, principles, structures, and practice, diagnostic skills, find faults, solve, and faults corrective actions by traditional methods and by computer.
- The system is connected with computer to support training, live parameter display of engine, read/clear engine faults, reset ECU, create automated PAN system and PAN MAKER is integrated inside.
- A technical document for reference and CDROM textbooks about CRDI system, best used for teaching on the projector.


1) Main cluster
2) Acceleration control system of engine
3) Ignition switch
4) Fuel tank system
5) Odometer systems, Safety switch…
6) Frame, anti-vibration bracket, electrostatic coated
7) Electronic systems connection, hitting PAN, computer diagnostic connection
8) Computer, computer bracket
9) Copyright CD software connect engine with License key
10) Front radiator system
11) Extinguisher
12) Guide book
13) Battery: 12V / 50A (optional)
14) Electricity used: 220VAC/50Hz and 12VDC/50A
15) Total weight: About 300 kg
16) Size range: (1600H x 1800W x 1600D) mm
17) Occupied size: About 1.5 m3
18) Other devices


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