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- Injector is the important actuator of electronic fuel injection system (PGM-FI) on cars and motorcycles. Although the supply power, electronic controller and fuel pressure is have not fault but if the faults is caused of mechanical reasons (e.g. Missing flow, dirty, stuck, leak…) then it will affect on the amount of spray, A/F ratio, fuel consumption and engine power. Especially in some case, the fuel supply in some countries is not clean, after about 10,000km operation, the injector need to be maintained, cleaned and checked periodically. However, injector cleaning and checking equipment by traditional measuring tubes as INJECTOR CLEANNER (product code: CM1001) is expensive and few repairer can recheck injector after cleaning by “graduated measuring tubes” method.
- DTDAuto offer a other technology solution that check mechanical quality of injector by MOTOSCAN. It used “interpolation” method based on the A/F ratio, injection time (Ti) and fuel pressure (Pi). It can reach up to 90% accuracy compared with “measuring cylinder tube” method but it is more convenience and quicker. We are pleased to introduce MINI-INJECTOR CLEANER – Equipment for cleaning and checking injector by ultrasound technology and “interpolation” method in 2016 by DTDAUTO technology Team.
Equipment image
- Used for almost fuel injector types of cars and motorcycles in the market
- Fuel injector maintaining and checking tool for the workshops
- Study tools and training equipments for automotive/motorcycle vocational training

Block diagram for working process
- Injector checking: This function is integrated in MOTOSCAN 5.8 or higher version
- Ultrasonic cleaning (rinsing and cleaning by Ultrasonic)
Drop submerged injectors then rinse and soak it in the ultrasonic tank with pulse generator to “active” activity of injector. It used to destroy dirties inside injector and put it out.
This function is used to rinse, synchrony clean injectors by ultrasonic wave to destroy and reject dirties such as carbonized deposits in the injectors.
- Technology and gadgets combined:
Today, this is the most good and safe technology to destroy dirties on the material surface. It is like removing tartar technology or cleaning technology for surface of jewelry, machine cover and mechanical components and mechanical spare part as: piston, spark plug, crank shaft, ring, silver necklaces …You can view clip as below:

Part1: Clean Injector by ultrasonic tank

Part2: Clean other part (piston, spark plug, crank shaft ...) by ultrasonic tank
1 01 Main machine PK01
2 01 Electronic pulse supply cable to control injector PK2
3 01 Power cable 220V AC PK3
4 01 Rack hold spare parts in ultrasonic tank
(Notes: Do not use injector with this rack)
5 01 The liquid for Ultrasound machine Pk07
6 01 Cover box PK5
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