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Question: Hi DTDauto technicians, I am have a Honda SHi 2008. Currently, my engine has gasoline smelling problem and consume more fuel. I can not define the faults; can DTDauto help me?
Answer: Hi, your questions are also common asked questions of the untrained motorcycle repairman often asked recently for some FI motorcycles. Particularly, most of old generation motor repairman wonders: “what to be adjustment in such fuel wasting situation?” but did not think of which factors relate to amount of fuel supply at the injector? DTDAuto will give you some explanations to help you on this issue. The amount of injected fuel through injector will depend on the following factors:

a. The width of the injector control pulse
b. The frequency of injector control pulse
c. Fuel pressure supply for injector
d. Battery voltage
e. Mechanical faults of the injector

If high fuel consumption (A/F rate is over rich) we can temporary eliminate two cases b and d. Then, we will give you the suggestions for 3 cases left:

a case:  The width of the injector control pulse (too wide)
--> You need to check the signal circuit of the sensors: Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S), Throttle Position Sensor (TP), Engine temperature sensor (TW), Intake temperature sensor (TA) and Engine Control Module (ECM). The more first listed components the more likely it happens. If you turn on the Ignition key only, engine OFF but still see the injector spray fuel so the fault is short circuit at the power stage in ECM. However, if there is a light smell and low fuel consumption, the faults may due to: HO2S, TW, TA If there is strong smell and high fuel consumption, the faults may due: TP, ECM This is a difficult task for any untrained repairman and do not have checking equipment. You need to use a tool checking such as Motoscan and participants a training course about EFI system to determine the faults more easily.

c case: Fuel pressure (too high)
--> You need to check: The fuel pressure regulator if it is stuck or stopped up in the closed state. In this case, you need to have a checking tool of fuel pressure.

e case: Mechanical error of the injector (weak, stuck, wear, uncovered)

--> You need to check: If the injector was old or wear, cone distorted, uncovered, dirty stuck in open state, weak in the elastic mechanical inside the injector. In this case, you need to use Injector cleaner - a washing and checking injector equipment