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Question: I faced a problem with Honda Air blade FI 2010, I disconnect the connector plug of the idle air control valve (IACV) for checking then I reconnect it but the engine can not recover the original idle speed, it was over idle speed and I can not control it...                                                                                                         View detail >>
Question: Could you help me this case, when I disconnect the connector of the injector (Vespa LX 125 ie scooter) the Motorscan can not find that fault until I restart the engine several times? Sometimes, Motoscan show three faults, I correct one of them but all the faults disappear?                                                            View detail >>
Question: Can you help me this case; my client has a Honda Lead 110 scooter, idle speed a little bit fast, I can repair it easily if it is the old carburetor scooter. However, this is the new FI generation and I can not adjust it. People told me that I need a Motoscan equipment to adjust it, does it true?                                        View detail >>
Question: I have a NuBira II car, over idle speed when gas pedal completely released. I have it repaired by some workshops but they can not fix it. Could DTDAuto tell me about this fault...                                        View detail >>
Question: A client called from a workshop and asked: I am repairing a Gentra vehicle, it is very hard to start the engine, and it only start normally sometimes after the engine worked. I used scanner found only fault P0337: Low voltage, crankshaft sensor. Clear fault normally, I have checked connector, replaced new sensor, measure the output electric pulse of the sensor. The live data display on the screen is normal...                           View detail >>
Question: Could DTDAuto tell me what fault when scanner show P1300?                                         View detail >>
Question: Hi! I have just bought an imported 2010 Kia morning car, ECO engine. When I am running this vehicle, the ECO light always in the state “On”. At the beginning, the light is white and then green...           View detail >>
Question: The idle speed valve of a FORD car close and open normally but I can not set the idle speed mode, can DTDAuto help me?                                                                                                      View detail >>
Question: Could DTDAUTO help me with this case: I have a Lexus GX460 car, after changing the engine oil I hear a small noise inside the engine and there is a triangular light blink on the instrument panel when I turn on the ignition key, start engine and change any gear without “P” position. When I changed to P gear, engine operates normally, I wonder whether this fault is caused of oil or not?                                                     View detail >>