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1. Question: Does Motoscan product made of China?
Answer: None. Motoscan Equipment are researched and manufactured by DTDAuto Technology Team / Institute of Physics, Institute of Science and Technology of Vietnam. Our products have been researched, designed and manufactured by the scientists of Vietnam. Technical information is accurate, reliable and professional language. This is one of the many DTDAuto high-quality products are used across the domestic and overseas in recent years.
2. Question: How many percents of the exact result can Motoscan diagnose?
Answer: Thank you for more information request! As you know, this is OBD diagnosis technology (On-Board Diagnosis, the same as car technology) means use calculation, comparing between values “actual signals” and “sample signals” in the ECM to determine faults. It is integrated inside each ECU of engines and has it own secret of each manufactures. The results showed on LCD screen of the equipment is the result of a protocol “question & answer” gain and decode data from the memory inside ECU and display it only, so if the device can analyze the results, it is completely accurate. However, Understanding the diagnostic information required repair technicians to have technical understanding of engine and electronic control technical. I suppose an example for you:
Motoscan show the fault number 22: “Oxygen sensor”
Answer: The new repairers may think that replace the sensor is enough. However, you need to understand that this fault is caused of these reasons:
a. Sensor fault (open/short circuit or low in quality convert…)
b. Pre-heat circuit fault of sensor (4 terminals type)
c. Wiring fault, the connector between sensor and ECU
d. Transistor fault of power stage (OUTPUT) HT for O2S heater inside the ECU
Signal buffer fault and input voltage converter fault Ox inside the ECU
f. Software/firmware errors in ECU
So, Maybe you need to take in a training course on electronic motor to know how to deal with those cases...
3. Question: Hi DTDAuto, I faced a problem with Honda Air blade FI 2010, I disconnect the connector plug of the idle air control valve (IACV) for checking then I reconnect it but the engine can not recover the original idle speed, it was over idle speed and I can not control it. After that, I decide to use Motoscan to reset ECU and this problem disappears, could you explain the reason?
Answer: In your case, we often call it is “lost synchronization of the control position” between ECM and IACV. This fault often happen when the IACV connector is disconnected while ignition key is turned on, or the engine is rotating and when connect it again, the ECM located the wrong the position of IACV cause of wrong control. So, you need to make offset it by Reset ECM to request ECM receives again the start and the end point of IACV the engine will recover original idle speed.
4. Question: Could you help me this case, when I disconnect the connector of the injector (Vespa LX 125 ie scooter) the Motorscan can not find that fault until I restart the engine several times? Sometimes, Motoscan show three faults, I correct one of them but all the faults disappear?
Answer: Thanks for your question, it would be long lines to help you have a deep knowledge at this, you may need the information about the active and passive sensor, history code, Pending/Current code, determine faults and store faults code method of ECM by join an electronic motorcycle training course through this link:

For example: For temperature sensor you only need to create a fault yourself without make the engine rotate, it is means that, you disconnect the connector plug of the sensor without rotate the engine, Motoscan immediately find that fault. For other sensors such as CKP sensor or injector control circuit, the engine has to rotate about 5 seconds then Motoscan could find faults.

To determine which faults need to be repaired or unrepaired of motorcycles, you can click here for the same information for technical solutions about the basic steps to find faults using diagnosis equipments:
5. Question: Can you help me this case; my client has a Honda Lead 110 scooter, idle speed a little bit fast, I can repair it easily if it is the old carburetor scooter. However, this is the new FI generation and I can not adjust it. People told me that I need a Motoscan equipment to adjust it, does it true?
Answer: This is a common question for us. You should know that, to repair new generation electricity system on motorcycles the repairman need to have a new knowledge a about engine power correction in the EFI control unit system as the following block diagram:
We know that, in the gasoline engine, especially PGM-FI the idle speed is designed and set up with about 1700 rpm, if this speed is wrong, it can affect on other system such as idling stop. The idling speed will depend on intake quantity through ISCV because the throttle is now closed. If this valve wide open, then the intake air is big. --> MAF is big as well --> Power/engine speed will increase and vice versa.
The ISC valve of open wide or narrow depend on:
+ Engine temperature signal (TW)
+ Intake air Temperature signal (TA)
+ Starting status signal (STSW)
- OUTPUT: Position, width, mechanical condition of ISCV (stuck, stopped up, wore, wrong position)
- SETTING: Geometry position set up , Altitude (use for some new generation motorcycles of Honda)
- ECM: The calculation coefficient in the control programming algorithm inside the ECM

As the standard of the idle speed wrong, you should check the related factors as I mentioned above.
The percentages diagnosed:
- 60% due to do OUTPUT
- 30% due to INPUT
- 10% due to ECM
So, you should use the function read faults of OBD and live data function of Motoscan to locate the faults and repair or replace it and the idle speed will recovered.
The ability to have faults of ECM is not much, because it would not be wrong order coefficients are calculated within the ECM, the error is mainly due to the INPUT and OUTPUT. If you do not find the faults position but force the ECM to correct the calculation coefficients so it is like "put good man into the prison instead of crime” The way to adjust calculating coefficients of manufacturer inside the ECM is as a last resort and should not overdo it.
6. Question: Hi DTDAuto technicians, I have used Motoscan. However, there is this problem…An our client’s motorcycle can not start the engine and the equipment can not read the faults and even equipment display message “can not connect to the vehicle”, could you give me a suggestion?
Answer: Thank you for your interesting question, to answer the questions relate to starting problems there are many reasons might not due to electric problems but mechanical reasons…However, as your describes we can find that 80% of the reason is related to ECU electric supply system or electronic faults inside the ECU. To explain it in detail, it is quite long line involves many techniques, but this is a common malfunction when use OBD diagnostic technologies, if the communication has a problem, then an equipment terminal malfunction or disconnect the power.
7. Question: Hi DTDauto technicians, I am have a Honda SHi 2008. Currently, my engine has gasoline smelling problem and consume more fuel. I can not define the faults; can DTDauto help me?
Answer: Hi, your questions are also common asked questions of the untrained motorcycle repairman often asked recently for some FI motorcycles. Particularly, most of old generation motor repairman wonders: “what to be adjustment in such fuel wasting situation?” but did not think of which factors relate to amount of fuel supply at the injector? DTDAuto will give you some explanations to help you on this issue. The amount of injected fuel through injector will depend on the following factors:

a. The width of the injector control pulse
b. The frequency of injector control pulse
c. Fuel pressure supply for injector
d. Battery voltage
e. Mechanical faults of the injector

If high fuel consumption (A/F rate is over rich) we can temporary eliminate two cases b and d. Then, we will give you the suggestions for 3 cases left:

a case:  The width of the injector control pulse (too wide)
--> You need to check the signal circuit of the sensors: Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S), Throttle Position Sensor (TP), Engine temperature sensor (TW), Intake temperature sensor (TA) and Engine Control Module (ECM).
The more first listed components the more likely it happens. If you turn on the Ignition key only, engine OFF but still see the injector spray fuel so the fault is short circuit at the power stage in ECM.
However, if there is a light smell and low fuel consumption, the faults may due to: HO2S, TW, TA
If there is strong smell and high fuel consumption, the faults may due: TP, ECM
This is a difficult task for any untrained repairman and do not have checking equipment. You need to use a tool checking such as Motoscan and participants a training course about EFI system to determine the faults more easily.

c case: Fuel pressure (too high)
--> You need to check: The fuel pressure regulator if it is stuck or stopped up in the closed state. In this case, you need to have a checking tool of fuel pressure.

e case: Mechanical error of the injector (weak, stuck, wear, uncovered)
You need to check: If the injector was old or wear, cone distorted, uncovered, dirty stuck in open state, weak in the elastic mechanical inside the injector. In this case, you need to use Injector cleaner - a washing and checking injector equipment
8. Question: Hi DTDauto, I have this question. My vehicle starts and operates normally but consumes more fuel and when I turn the accelerator harder there is smoke appearing. I have used Motoscan tool to read faults but have no result. What should I do?
Answer: As you know, most of the OBD equipments can only read the faults belong to electric problems controlled by ECU, the equipment can not read the faults relate to mechanical problems so your vehicle may have one of the following errors:
- Mechanical fuel injector fault, injector may has worn, or dirty, stuck, stopped up in the open state. You need to rinse or replace the new injector.
-"wrong values” voltage reported from intake air temperature sensor or engine coolant (less than the measured level of regulation to the ECU OBD system does not detect the faults) so the ECU will misunderstanding and regulated fuel not according to standard.
- Oxygen sensor signal, this is the sensor used to correct the downstream air fuel mixture rate (AFR)
- Approximately 10% of the reasons belong to electronic problems inside ECU need to Reset or replaced…
- Malfunction causes of some other mechanical reasons related to phenomena such as: too much oil or improper lubrication engine, air filter stuck or exhaust tube stuck, weak compression of cylinder, EGR valve fault (if any), wore spark plugs and weak in ignition...
In this case, you should use the function “show live data” of Motoscan to check, analyze data and determine the faults. But to use this function in analysis and determining fault you need to understand the electronic control techniques in PGM FI/ FI system and new generation PGM-FI technology.
9. Question: Hi DTDAuto, I am a new repairman, I can see on the market there are many new generation vehicles. However, I even do not know exactly where are the sensors position? And what is the sensor? Can Motoscan help me to find fault?
Answer: Thank you for your actual question. Motoscan can help you with the look up software MOTODATA along with MOTOSCAN.

Answer: You can also do it by another way; you can use Motoscan and do it as the following guide: if you want to know which type of sensor or any electric connection wire you see, you just need to disconnect out the connection plug and read it by Motoscan you will know which type of sensor it is.
10. Question: Can DTDAuto tell me, which motorcycle modes need an additional jump wire to read faults?
Answer: Currently, Motoscan provides both methods read fault are DLC (K-Line) and MIL Code. If you read it by connection cable method directly through DLC, there is no need an additional connect wire (Jumper). If you read it faster with MIL Code so it is apply for scooters of SUZUKI and SYM.
11. Question: Can DTDAuto tell me the number of codes faults that Motoscan can find? I know about 10 fault codes supplied by my friend but I do not believe much in it because of each vehicle have it own specific codes…I am afraid of cause mistakes.
Answer: Thank you, Motoscan now have the number of fault quite perfect, about 300 error codes, including all civil vehicles, large displacement sports car, 4 cylinder motorcycles, special police car… The error codes and vehicle types will be updated free and periodically by DTDAuto. Moreover, you can use Motoscan to lookup content of fault codes.
12. Question: Hi DTDAuto, I found no fault from my vehicle at the first time use Motoscan, but when start the engine for a few seconds, the Motoscan has found fault at the crankshaft position sensor. So, this fault is true or not?
Answer: Right, ECU determines that faults when engine should be in rotary state. We called them active sensor. Some sensors can be read faults without rotary of engine such as temperature sensors, throttle sensors…
13. Question: My client has a “over idle speed” vehicle when the accelerator released. Can Motoscan read this fault? How can I adjust it?
Answer: First of all, you need to understand that electronic fuel injection is a standard designed system; you can not adjust it because I can assure you that there is something wrong with the INPUT signal or actuator (OUTPUT). You need to read the faults and repair or replace it to gain the normal state of the vehicle because it is not adjusted by hand like carburetor. Motoscan will show you what is that fault and suggest solutions. Normally, it is the fault relates to idle air control valve (IACV). You can contact directly to our technicians for more information or join a motorcycle electronic training course of DTDAuto.
14. Question: I want to have a tool for checking immediately fuel consumption of the motorcycles using carburetor at my workshop without spending days on the road, checking the cylinder pressure to compare with the new one, whether the oil ring broken or not, check the ignition pulse, checking voltage of battery. Does DTDAuto sell this product?
Answer: Thanks for your question! In fact, the Motoscan supported this function already. However, you need to buy an additional kit come enha­nced. If you need this product, please contact DTDAuto to know more details. This device is not including in the normal Motoscan pack
15. Question: After repair some SH Honda scooters, I found the faults and repaired it. However, the trouble code still stored in ECU, how can I clear it?
Answer: Hi, you can use the function clear fault code in Motoscan to clear it directly through DLC diagnosis connector or you can also do it by hand follow these instructions:
1. Remove the protect case
2. Turn the ignition key at the position “OFF”
3. Using a jump wire 2 pins out on diagnosis connector
4. Turn the ignition key at the position “ON”
5. Disconnect the jumper from diagnosis connector
6. MIL light will flash for about 5 seconds. Within that 5 seconds MIL lighting, connect again the jumper
7. Fault code in memory of the system will reset and the MIL light will go out and start to blink
Important note: The reset will not success if you do wrong action:
     - The jumper must be re-connected within 5 seconds lighting of MIL.
     - System will not be reset and the fault codes will not be cleared if you turn off the ignition key before the MIL start to blink.
     - If the MIL light blinks 20 times, the system is not reset and the trouble code memory will not be cleared. For some vehicles, you can do it by another ways by turn on and off the ignition key continuously 5 times to clear the ECU fault codes.
16. Question: I usually repair some scooters such as Honda LEAD, etc. Faced with lean air/fuel, silver colored spark plug. Where can I adjust to make the air/fuel a little?
Answer: As I have mentioned above, electronic fuel injection system has been designed optimum for the mixture rate to work in any load condition. However, after a long time operate, the vehicle may have something wrong/ “float value” with the voltage, input signal (INPUT), mechanical stuck in some output actuator (OUTPUT) or fault inside the engine control unit (ECU) caused your mentioned fault.
You can solve it by some following suggestions:
- Use Motoscan to determine the exact position of the fault components and replace it
- Correct the voltage of input signals (INPUT) by the connection resistance parallel or series to compensate for “float” voltage value such as engine temperature sensor, intake air, O2S…..
- Use Injector Cleaner to clean the injectors
- Clean the air valves, throttles, fuel injectors…
- Reset ECU follows the above question instructions.